Extra classes / substitutions:

Oct 4th at Castle Hill:
12pm – 1pm
1:15 – 2:30pm
Oct 6th at Life Time Arboretum:
9:45am – 10:45am, Gentle Yoga

Class Schedule

In–Person Classes

Monday through Friday
9:30am – 11am
The Void

7:15am – 8:15am
Life Time Arboretum

6pm – 7:30pm
Mendez Rec Center

11am – 1pm
Austin Rec Center

Zoom Classes

5:30pm – 7pm Zoom

8am – 9am Zoom
4:30pm – 6pm Zoom

Rec Center Prices

Drop-in: $20
8-Class Pack: $120 ($15 per class)

Venmo: octavio-balderas
PayPal: thirdiyoga@gmail.com

Please choose “Send to Friend” option for both Venmo & PayPal

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